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Chocolate Chip Mallows Case - 12 Bags

Chocolate Chip Mallows Case - 12 Bags

5/5 (1 review)

List Price: $96.00

Sale Price: $60.00

You Save: $36.00 (38%)

Want S'more than just a bag of mallows? Maybe you have a big party, maybe you want to give gifts to 12 of your closest friends, or perhaps you just love Stuff 'n Mallows and just want to order them by the case and save some money? This is the best option for you.


Includes 12 Bags of Chocolate Chip Stuff 'n Mallows

Perfect for a wedding!
5/ 5 stars


These will be perfect next to the fire at our wedding this summer. Such a fun twist on S'mores, I know our guests will love them!